Airplanes - OO-VNI (PA38-112)

Brussels Aviation School owns three Piper Tomahawk PA-38: the OO-VNI, the OO-IWA and the OO-LIV.

Training and touring aircraft

Manufacturer: Piper Aircraft
Type: PA38-112 Tomahawk
Number of seats: 2
Engine: Lycoming four-cylinder horizontally-opposed - 112 hp
Cruise speed: 90 knots (167 km/h)
Endurance: 5 hours *
Takeoff distance: 250m *
Landing distance: 195m *
Equipment : VOR/ILS - GPS - ADF - DME

* These figures cannot be used for the preparation of your flights. Please always consult the aircraft flight manual.

The OO-VNI in Moulins (France)
The OO-VNI in Brighton (England)
The OO-VNI somewhere in Normandy (France)
Cockpit display of the OO-VNI
Cockpit display of the OO-VNI