PPL Flight Practice

Our fleet is based at Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

From your very first flight, you will experience the exciting atmosphere of an international airport. You will fly in a busy environment, adhere to standard international procedures, and share the same radio frequency as the commercial airlines!

Here is a glimpse at what you will do during your practical training:

1. Introduction to air experience
Your fist steps into this exciting environment.

2. Basic manœuvres
Learn to turn, climb, and descend.

3. Take-Off – Landing
This is the training phase that leads to your first solo flight.

4. First solo flight
An experience that you will remember all your life!

5. Navigation
Discover Belgium from the sky, from North to South, East to West.

6. Basic instrument flying
Learn how to control your airplane without any visual references.

7. Precision exercises
Time to perfect your newly acquired flying skills.

8. Solo navigation
The achievement of your training before the final exam.

The training comprises a minimum of 45 hours flight time, of which at least 25 hours must be done with an instructor, and 10 hours solo! You hold the controls from the very first flight!

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Cedric, Founder of the school, and one of his former students
Cedric, Founder of the school, and two of his former students