PPL Costs

Ground courses (all VAT included):

Tuition fee for 75hrs of theory courses in-classroom (e-learning platform access included) 815€
Reference books in English and flight computer (aeronautical tool for navigation purposes) 328€


Flight training (at least 45 hours) and aircraft rental (all VAT included):

Piper Tomahawk PA38 hourly rate from 140€/h
Piper Warrior PA28 Glass Cockpit hourly rate from 170€/h
Instructor hourly rate 85€/h (chief flight instructor: 95€/h)
Flight equipment about 155€
Pilot Headset between 130€ and 350€ (advised)


Belgian Aviation Authority fees & other fees (all VAT included):

Medical exam (Class 2) about 220€
Access badge for Charleroi airport 24€
Pilot flying logbook 32€
Theoretical exam (Belgian CAA) 108€
In-flight skills test about 200€
English proficiency test from 145€
PPL license issuance by Belgian authorities (since 01/01/2019) 170€


Please contact us for a full and detailed price quote of your PPL training or for any other questions.


All these costs are VAT included.

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