All year long, Brussels Aviation School organizes flying trips for pilots, during a short weekend, a long weekend of 3 or 4 days, or for several weeks. Our flying trips gather both student pilots and private (or professional) pilots, and are an exceptional opportunity to learn and share our passion in a friendly and convivial atmosphere, while discovering the world from the sky. Click on any of the titles below to see a few pictures of previous flying trips:

Balkans Tour (June 2015)


Mare Nostrum (November 2014)


Scotland tour (June 2014)


African Safari (November 2013)


Eastern Europe (June-July 2013)


Morocco (October-November 2012)


Normandy (September 2012)


Scandinavia (June 2012)


Germany/Switzerland/France (May 2012)


Morocco (November 2011 - videos)


Greece (May-June 2011)


Morocco (November 2010)


Jersey (September 2010)


Brighton (July 2010)


Switzerland (May 2010)


The Cévennes, France (May/June 2009)


The lake of Konstanz, Germany (May 2009)


The Channel islands and Britanny, France (May 2008)