Enhance your knowledge

Studies have shown that a number of private pilots tend to loose the taste for adventure when they are not supervised by their instructors after having gained their licence. This is why Brussels Aviation School has developed a series of solutions to help private pilots getting the best out of their licence.

Forgetting some theorectical aspects can hinder self-confidence that is necessary to fly an airplane. Your theory is far behind you ? Brussels Aviation School proposes you to attend the theory courses "a la carte". You need a refresh on air law, principles of flight, weather, navigation , radio communication ?

Join us on Tuesday evenings from 7 pm to 10 pm in Brussels!

Moreover, we also organise briefings on particular aspects of flying. One Friday per month, we discuss a variety of different subjects such as :

  • How to prepare an international flight
  • Radio communication procedures in Belgium and abroad
  • Gathering and understanding weather information in an efficient way
  • Checking the Notams
  • Advanced use of radionavigation aids
  • Emergency procedures
  • Performance calculations
  • Mass and balance calculations
  • Diverting to another airfield and taking the decision

These briefings are held in our offices at Charleroi Airport, from 7pm to 10pm.


Broaden your flight skills

Every pilot dreams of the great adventure! But lack of experience can sometimes hinder a pilot's motivation. Brussels Aviation School is there to help you! Our instructors team is there to encourage young pilots to leave for any destination without fear and get the maximum out of their licence.

Hence we propose advanced flight training for those of you who don't want to stay in the aerodrome circuit:

  • Planning international flights - Filing and closing the flight plan
  • Flight at high altitudes - Choosing the flight level - Advanced radio communication procedures - Monitoring engine performance
  • Flight above the clouds - Taking the weather into account
  • Flight across water or inhospitable areas - Fuel and altitude considerations
  • Approach aids in case of adverse weather
  • Any suggestion is welcome...