"Petits Pilotes" is the name of the charitable organization of our school in favour of children or teenagers who are disabled, with a life-threatening disease, or facing social and family difficulties.

The idea is to give children or teenagers who are willing to fly, a moment of fun and magic, by becoming a pilot - and even a captain holding the controls! - during a short flight.

"Fly-in" with Charity "Vivre et Grandir" - Saturday 5 June 2010

Our first "Petits Pilotes" day took place on Saturday 5 June 2010. 12 children and teenagers from the non-profit making association "Vivre et Grandir", some of them with Down's syndrome, enjoyed their first flight in a single-engine aircraft, from the airport of Charleroi-Brussels South! It was a great success for all. Many thanks to the pilots Julien Labruyère, Julien Meertens and Gauthier Van Erp for their fantastic contribution during the day, as well as to Alliance Consulting S.A. for making this dream come true.

"Fly-in" with Charity "La Cité Joyeuse" - Saturday 1 September 2012

We organised another "Petits Pilotes" fly-in on Saturday 1 September 2012 with the children and teachers of the Charity "La Cité Joyeuse". 18 children were given their first flight on a single engine light aircraft, from the airfield of Namur / Temploux! The weather has been fantastic and the atmosphere was excellent. Guy Vandenberge was the initiator of the project and we thank him heartily, as well as his wife Marie and their three children, for all they did to make this day come true. Thank you also to all the teachers of "La Cité Joyeuse" and of course thanks to the children themselves, who gave us so much joy and affection during the whole day!

"Fly-in" with Rotaract / Rotary Club of Waterloo - Wednesday 1 May 2013

Our third event "Petits Pilotes" took place Wednesday 1st of May 2013 on the pretty little airfield of Namur on the initiative of the Rotaract / Royal Club of Waterloo. Guy Vandenberge and Pierre Dufey were the main organizers of the event, which had as its objective to offer maiden flights to several children and young teenagers. Despite a certain coolness, a beautiful sun acompanied us all day long and allowed everyone to enjoy a little tour up in the air. Thank you to all those who made this day possible and full of unforgettable memories, as always.


If you have contacts with partners (hospitals, associations, etc.) which could be interested in the project, or simply if you have an idea to share, do not hesitate to contact us!