PPL Flight Theoretical Knowledge

Our PPL(A) ground course takes place once a week on Tuesdays, from 7 pm to 9:30 pm. They are given in English by live video conferencing.

Registration to our theory classes also gives you access to our e-Learning Platform, a unique interface to follow online your theory and flight training progression.

Registration fees for the PPL theory training are 785€ VAT included.

The complete syllabus (official EASA programme) is divided as follows:

1. Principles of flight
How and why does an airplane fly? What are the ailerons for, the flaps for, etc.

2. Aircraft general knowledge
How do the instruments, the engine, the propeller work…

3. Performance and flight preparation
Calculate your take-off and landing distances, your fuel consumption. Mass and balance calculations.

4. Airlaw and ATC procedures
Rules of the air, rules of priority, airspace organisation, etc.

5. Operational procedures
The most pragmatic aspects of airlaw.

6. Communication
Learn to talk to the control tower by using the appropriate phraseology.

7. Human performances and limitations
How the human body and mind work from an aeronautical point of view.

8. Navigation
Learn how to travel from place to place in an airplane. Calculate your heading, your drift, your ground speed, etc.

9. Meteorology
Wind, clouds... The weather will not have any secrets for you anymore.

The course will be completed in approximately 8 months if you start in September. What you study will be put into practice during your flight lessons.

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